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Tradelines are lines of credit that add positive history, credit limit, the age/when it was established with the perfect payment history, and low credit usage/utilization rate of 10% or less guaranteed from us.

American Express does not add age or when the tradeline was established. It begins reporting payments once u are added. It pairs great with an aged tradeline.

You get an email confirmation & screenshot of you added onto the tradeline.


Upon ordering you will receive an email to gather your personal information to add you onto the tradeline.

American Express Tradeline $38K

  • Results show on your credit report in 45-60 days, many times sooner. By law the bureaus have 30 days to respond to any disputes.

  • Electronic receipt and delivery of information is done via email. Please ensure you provide an accurate phone number and email adddress for more information about your purchase.

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